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It was 1969 that nowadays NIK Broodati & Hararati Company's foundation formed and since then has continued its work as designer and manufacturer of refrigeration systems, industrial and commercial refrigeration related equipment and air conditioning units.

In the beginning company started its business with production of Industrial Ice plants and small and medium size cold stores and after adding soft ice cream machines to its production lines and development and production of large scale ammonia cold stores equipment, finally with design and manufacturing of all sorts of chiller, fan coil, air handling unit and air washer has gained a significant role in industrial and domestic air conditioning market.In addition to refrigeration industry NIK company has developed new products in answer to country's oil and gas industry demands such as design and manufacture of special heat exchangers for recompressing stations of cross-country gas pipelines, design and manufacture of gas turbo compressors oil tanks and other related equipment.

After four decades of efforts of consecutive generations of its founders, NIK company with the asset of more than 340 devoted employees thrives in its mission of development and advancement of national industry in five different fields of air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, oil and gas and ice cream machines.Roots of NIK company thrift and success are laid in incorporating recent manufacturing technologies and acquiring and implementing latest knowledge in new designs. So R&D has always had and have a particular role in NIK.In NIK we not only manufacture units according to your requests but also we make them to fit your request and this is not possible unless relying on a practical R&D unit.

NIK R&D unit is not just a drawing production unit, but also acts as an integral part of production involved in CNC machines programming and uploading in such a way that design and manufacturing are integrated.

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